ACUDIET Contacts

Roma Via Mancini 2, Roma, RM
Brescia Via A.Gramsci 129/c, Bagnolo Mella, BS
Isernia Via Santuario, Castelpetroso, IS
Pesaro Via Novecento 32, Pesaro, PE
Salento Via Giovanni Paolo II, 11, Lecce, LE
Acudiet Ltd is a nutritional philosophy for everyone. Yes, for everyone and for you too.

For you who are in good health and not only want to keep it this way but even improve it; for you who are experiencing special moments such as pregnancy or breast-feeding and wish to combine your new nutritional requirements with a healthy approach to food; for you who are increasingly demanding with your own figure and for whom healthy nutrition represents a means of achieving your own goals; for you who suffer from different pathologies, meaning that a healthy and targeted nutrition constitutes an essential support for the improvement of different clinical conditions (food intolerances, celiac disease) and to control various pathologies (diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, kidney or liver failure).

Confusednot with Acudiet LtdAnd finally, also for you, who want to put your recent or chronic  weight excesses in check by using a simple and safe method that is free from complications and will achieve extraordinary results, not just in the short term but also for the future, through a personalised educational nutrition project that will accompany you throughout your entire life.

Acudiet Ltd is an ambitious project which began in London (UK) but which gained immediate and wide recognition so as to cross national boundaries and project itself towards a Europe- wide concept, whilst still maintaining national gastronomic identities. 

You will realise that Acudiet Ltd is synonymous with a healthy and natural life style.

Municipality and Acudiets HeadquarterAcudiet Ltd uses a combination of a balanced nutritional regime with auricular acupuncture (if indicated and deemed necessary), modulating the metabolic and psychological implications that are identified in any nutritional course whether directly, through by regular meetings with nutritionists or by continuous feedback through information provided online.

So what are you waiting for: call the following numbers:

TEL. :       00442035149939
FAX. :       00442035149940
MOB.:       00447904466777


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